Friday, February 1, 2008

More New Ships for the Navy

Orders were recently received at the Boston Navy Yard for the construction of several new vessels - Two of them, sloops-of war, will be among the largest of their class ever built for the navy They are to be named respectively the Ammonoosuc [and] the Pompanoosuc. It will take at lest six months to construct them, and three more to supply the machinery. They will be 345 feet in length, of 3,000 tuns burthen, and draw about 16 ½ feet of water. They will be sharp, designed entirely for speed, and very light. The armament will consist of seven guns – three 200-pounders and for broadside of 8-inch bore. A new iron-clad, to be called the Quinsigamond, is also to be built. She will have two turrets, be 328 ½ feet in length, with a 52 feet beam, and a depth of 18 ½ feet, and of 3,200 tuns burthen. Two additional sllops-of war, smaller than the Ammonoosuc and the Pompanoosuc, will also be built immediately.

- Published in The Union Sentinel, Osceola, Iowa, 5 DEC 1863

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