Monday, July 7, 2008

To The Citizens of Clark Co.

I am still recruiting for the old regiments, and shall be till the first of March, 1864. The large bounty heretofore offered by the government will be still given to the first of March. There is another call for 200,000 over and above the 300,000 called for in Oct. last. Those townships that have already furnished their quotas, will have to furnish two-thirds as many more in order to clear themselves of the draft, of the 10th of March; for instance, a township that has furnished six under the Oct. call, will have to furnished now four men under this call. – It is hoped all the good loyal people of Clark Co. will get to work. We have done well so far in raising volunteers, and let us keep on with the good begun work. Volunteering is still going on finely. I am sending off from one to two loads per week. I will be in Oceola every Saturday, to receive volunteers. All that have any notion of going into the service can not find any better time to enlist than now.

A. Lyons
Recruiting Agent for Clark County Iowa

– Published in The Union Sentinel, Osceola, Iowa, February 6, 1864

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