Friday, September 5, 2008

Gen. Rosecrans On Discipline

A Nashville correspondent says:

“Gen. Rosecrans is digging about the roots of a great evil in this army. The officers are accountable for the conduct of the men and holds them responsible. On review a short time since, he gave a forcible illustration of his idea on the subject. He noticed a private whose knapsack was very much awry, and drew him from the ranks, calling, at the same time, for his captain, who approached. “Captain, I am sorry to see you don’t know how to strap a knapsack on a soldier’s back.” “But I didn’t do it, General.” “Oh! You didn’t. Well, hereafter, you had better do it yourself, or see that it is done correctly by the private. I have nothing more to say to him. I shall hold you responsible, sir, for the appearance of your men.” “But if I cannot make them attend to these matters?” – “Then if you can’t you had better leave the service. If you don’t I’ll see that you do leave it.”

– Published in the Stark County News, Toulon, Illinois, January 22, 1863

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