Friday, September 26, 2008

Jefferson Davis On The Differences Of Promises & Intents

February 16, 1863


The letter you sent to me this morning substitute's assumption of wrong for inquiry and reviling and curses for fair not to say charitable construction. It is due to myself hoping that you are mistaken as well as excited to say to you that there is a wide difference between the expression of an intent, and a promise; and neither is free from the condition of practicability. I had an intention which I may have expressed to you, but it did not extend to the grade of General. Having no purpose to explain that of which you did not choose to inquire, and no expectation that such predisposition to censure and malign would be benefitted by explanation is only remained for me to subscribe myself with true sympathy for your domestic affliction, very respectfully

Jeffer Davis

Note: This 2 page letter is currently up for auction on Ebay. Only the fist page of the letter was fully scanned by the seller.

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