Monday, November 3, 2008

Gov. Andy Johnson’s Policy

You must not suppose, from any signs of discontent observable in my letters, I have despaired of seeing the Government show its teeth at Nashville. Governor Johnson has always cherished a passion for first hoodwinking and then catching the politicians; and I am disposed to believe he is tickling his fancy, in the morning of the Provisional Government, as well skilled anglers amuse themselves and accomplish their purpose in trout fishing[.] He is waiting perhaps, to see the cork sink well under water. There is something ominous in his very sweet language, when he says: “I feel called upon to appeal, not only to the charitable, but especially to those who have been instrumental in seducing their misguided citizens to this sad degree of suffering, and who have been co laborers in the unholy work in which they are engaged, to come forward and contribute to their relief.” There will be some sport soon, I guess, for the people’s amusement, and for the edification of political puppies.

There was a slight symptom of activity on Saturday in the arrest of T. M. Brennan, who figured and fattened so largely as manufacturer of cannon here, with his brother J. C. Brennan. The preceding rather took us by surprise, and I suppose it agreeably disappointed the Federal soldiery. The Alderman and Common Council erected to their position by the disordered public stomach have been trying to persuade our policemen to refuse the oath of office required by the Governor. But in spite of all efforts and the mutual hesitation meeting in the City Hall, many of the police have come forward and subscribed heartily to the oath of allegiance. – {Nashville Cor. Cin. Gaz.

– Published in the Burlington Daily Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa, Wednesday, April 9, 1862

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