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Washington News

Washington News

WASHINGTON, April 14 – The Senate to-day, in Executive session confirmed the appointment of a large number of Paymasters, Assistant Commissaries and Quartermasters of Volunteers, and also the following:

Capt. C. Graver, of the 10th Infantry and A. W. Whipple, of the Corps of Topographical Engineers, to be Brigadier Generals of Volunteers; Clark McDermunt, of Ohio, Brigade Surgeon; Major W. R. Palmer of the Corps of Topographical [Engineers], to be Colonel; Captain Franklin D. Calendar, of the ordinance Department Maj by brevet for faithful and meritorious services in his department – Capt. Rufus Ingles, Assistant Quartermaster, performing service fourteen years, to be Major. Samuel H. Ellett of Nebraska, to be Secretary of Colorado Territory, vice Weld, resigned. John Lore, Indiana for the Indians of the Upper Platte; Geo. Seward, of N.W., Consul at Shanghai.

A board appointed by the Navy Department, to examine the plans and specifications for boats for the Western waters, consisting of Com. Joseph Smith, Chief of the Bureau of Docks and Yards, John Lentel, Chief of the Bureau of Construction, B. F. Sherwood, Engineer in Chief, Edward hunt, Naval Constructor, and D. B. Martin, Engineer, U.S.N., have recommended that contracts be made with the following parties: Tomlinson & Hatcher, Pittsburg, for two iron vessels; Geo. C. Bestor, Cairo, One wooden vessel, Jno. B. Eads, St. Louis, three iron vessels.

The aggregate cost of the eight vessels with be $1, 229,500.

Commodore Dupont reports to the Department under the date of April 6th that the schooner Julia Worden and schooners Lydia and Mary were captured.

– Published in the Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Saturday, April 19, 1862, p. 4

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