Thursday, May 7, 2009

From the 2nd Regiment

We make the following extract from a letter received yesterday by Marshal McNeil from his brother Henry, dated at Pittsburg Landing, April 10th. Henry McNeil is in Co. C, 2d regiment. He says:

“Col. Tuttle had command of a Brigade, and Lieut. Col. Baker command of our regiment. Both showed themselves very brave, and have won themselves names. The 2nd made another bayonet charge. We charged across an open field about a quarter mile wide, but with a small loss. It was the closing thing, the rebels were panic struck. – There were a number of regiments then, and none of them would cross the field, and we were sent for, and did the thing. A number of batteries there, and all the regiments said we were d----d fools to try to cross that field, but it did not deter us, and we went in in regular 2nd Iowa style. The 7th and 13th under commanding Gen. Tuttle charged a battery, took it and turned it on the foe and held it.

The 8th and 14th fought like tigers, and did fearful execution, but were out-flanked and taken. The 16th arrived to-day before the fight, and took part in it. Col. Chambers was wounded twice slightly. Lt. Co. Sanders had two horses shot under him, and was also wounded twice. Adj. McCosh had a horse shot but is not wounded.”

We have heard from other sources that “Add” was wounded, but feel inclined to believe his own statement that he was uninjured, though he might have disguised his real situation to save us uneasiness and a trip to Tennessee.

– Published in the Davenport Daily Gazette, Davenport, Iowa, Saturday, April 19, 1862

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