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SENATE. – Mr. Wilkinson presented a resolution from the citizens of Minnesota praying Congress to call on all the people of the U.S., bond and free, to aid in the suppression of the rebellion, and assuring them the protection of the flag.

Mr. Trumbull, from finance committee, reported the House bill, without amendment, for establish a branch mint at Denver, Colorado.

Mr. McDougal called up the resolution calling upon the Secretary of War for information as to the causes of the delay in the trial of Gen. Stone. Mr McD. Alluded to the fact that it was now fifty days since Gen. Stone had been arrested and closely confined in a dark fort; without being able to learn why he was arrested. The manner of his arrest and his confinement seem to be more the result of a Venitian Council of Ten than that of an official act in a free Republic.

Mr. Wade defended the committee on the conduct of the war, and believed Stones arrest justifiable.

Mr. Wilson offered a substituted for the resolution calling on the President for all information not incompatible with the public interest, relative to the arrest of Gen. Stone.

Mr. McDougal desired it to go over till to-morrow, as he wished to reply.

Mr. Sherman, from conference committee, reported back to the naval appropriation bill.

After an executive session the Senate adjourned.

HOUSE. – Mr. Trowbridge called up the motion heretofore made by him to reconsider the vote by which, on the 24th of March, the House adopted a resolution requesting the Secretary of War to inform them of the cause, if any for the protracted delay in exchanging Col. Corcoran; and directing him to stop all exchanges until Col. Corcoran shall be released. Mr. Trowbridge wished distinctly to say, that it was no part of his desire to place any impediment in the way of the release of Col. Corcoran, and he protested and asked the House to join him in preventing the release of the other prisoners to be made subordinate to Col Corcoran.

After further consideration the resolution was amended so as to request the Secretary of war to inform the House the cause, if any, which has prevented the exchange of Cols. Corcoran and Wilcox and the other prisoners of war, held since July last.

The house resumed the consideration of the bill to regulate the franking privilege, being a codification of the laws upon that subject with amendments.

Mr. Colfax moved to lay the bill on the table. Agreed to by 58 to 48.

The House concurred in the reports of the committee of conference on disagreeing votes on the post office and navy appropriation bills.


– Published in the Davenport Daily Gazette, Davenport, Iowa, Wednesday Morning, April 16, 1862, p. 1

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