Friday, December 18, 2009

Siege at Yorktown

FORTRESS MONROE, April 19 – Thirty-nine wounded from Yorktown arrived to-day, making ninety wounded in the fight on the left flank Wednesday. The whole number was 32 killed and 90 wounded. In Norfolk Papers Magruder’s account gives 25 rebels killed, including Colonel McKinny, and 75 wounded.

Cannonading is heard towards Yorktown, but it is an attempt of the enemy to [disturb] our working parties.

With the exception of affairs at rifle pits Thursday they got the worst in skirmishing. – Operations are progressing rapidly, and when the siege guns opens the fire will be terrific.

The steamer Page arrived at Newbern on the 18th. Fort Macon is thoroughly cut off. It has been ascertained that the supply of provisions is short. No attempt will be made on the fort, but to starve them out. Slight apprehension still prevailed that the rebels might attack Newbern, and fortifications were being built for protection.

Smoke and flames from the Norfolk fire are still visible.

There was a flag of truce to-day, but the agent of the Associated Press was not allowed to see the papers.

– Published in The Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa, Saturday, April 26, 1862, p. 4

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