Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fourth Minnesota Regiment

Six companies of this splendid regiment passed down the river yesterday on the steamer Sucker State, bound for the theater of war. They got off the boat as it neared the bridge and marched down the steamboat landing, preceded by their martial band, and re-embarked. Shortly after they again formed in line and marched to the top of the bluff, up rugged Perry street, where they went through sundry evolutions, and returned to the boat. They are a fine looking stalwart and intelligent set of men. Each company numbers about 100 men, bringing the regiment to very near the maximum number. One company has about forty or fifty half-breeds, who are represented to be the most obedient and docile of all the men, faithfully and promptly performing all that is required of them. – Four more companies will be down on the Hawkeye State this morning, accompanied by a battery of artillery and a company of sharp-shooters. Two companies of the regiment have been stations at Fort Abercrombie the past winter, two at Fort Ridgely and one at Fort Ripley, while about fifty men have been stationed at Georgetown, under Capt. Lueg. The regiment have thus been under drill all winter, and are consequently proficient in the manual of arms. Col. John B. Sanborn, late Adjutant General of the State, is Colonel of the regiment. The other officers are, Lt. Col. Thomas, Major Baxter, Assistant Surgeon E. C. Cross, Q M. Sergt. F. E. Allen, Com. Sergt. T. P. Wilson, Hospital Steward George Lambert. The companies here yesterday were Companies B, Capt. Inman; D, Capt. Edson; E, Capt. Legroe; G, Capt. Lueg; I, Capt. Parker; and K, Capt. Morse.

– Published in The Davenport Daily Gazette, Davenport, Iowa, Wednesday Morning, April 23, 1862, p. 1

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