Thursday, April 29, 2010

It is a fact . . .

. . . in the highest degree creditable, that at the breaking out of the rebellion, the great majority of the Democratic party in the free States proved loyal and patriotic and rushed to arms, shoulder to shoulder with the Republicans, to save the Union and preserve the Government, resolving to bury all past differences and party platforms, until Rebellion should be put down. The Republican Administration met this creditable display of patriotism with a magnanimity never before exhibited by any party. Mr. Lincoln gave to his defeated adversaries a seat in his Cabinet and a moiety of the appointments. Half the army appointments, at least, including those of the highest grade, have been bestowed upon loyal Democrats. Loyal Democrats have been trusted, consulted and honored. Look at the appointments of Judge Holt, Andy Johnson, Dix, Halleck, McClellan, &c., &c. These loyal Democrats have been as implicitly trusted and as willingly honored and promoted, when deserving it, as Republicans. – And they are to-day giving their support to the Administration, without reserve, as heartily as the Republicans themselves. The resurrection movement is not from them and has not their countenance or support. They have no wish to divide and distract the country upon a new partisan issue. It could do no possible good and might do much evil. The movement is not by or through them, and is not dictated by loyal or patriotic motives. It comes from the riff-raff of the old Democratic party, stimulated by the treasonable secret society known as the “K. G. C.’s” at the bottom of the Rebellion itself. It is championed by men of doubtful loyalty and depraved and despicable character, whose personal labors have been directed to discouraging the war, breaking down the patriotic sentiment of the people and discouraging the payment of taxes. They are now organizing an anti-war party, clothing it in the livery of Democracy, in order to service the Devil of Secession. They are doing the work of Jeff. Davis as openly as they dare.

– Published in The Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa, Saturday, May 3, 1862, p. 2

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