Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Later From Europe

NEW YORK, May 21. – The steamer Nova Scotia arrived at 1 o’clock this afternoon.

The Sumter remained at Gibraltar.

Mr. Layard Stated in the House of Commons that as far as the Government knew that Mercier’s visit to Richmond was without instructions from France, and was attended with no political results whatever.

The Paris correspondent of the new Confederate organ, the Index, asserts that M. Mercier was under instructions to ascertain certain points and will report in person to the Emperor.

The Independent Belge asserts that to object of Lovalt’s recent Visit to London was to induce England to consent to common intervention in America, and England agrees on condition that  the Roman question was first settled.  The French Government gave ear to this and has led to conference relative to intervention.

Layard in announcing the conclusion of a slave trade treaty in the House of Commons said its conditions gave every reason to hope the traffic will be effectually suppressed.

Mr. Bright said Earl Russell’s late statement that he hoped in a few months that the Northern States would allow the independence of the South.  He said the war had paralyzed business in Lancashire for the time being, and showed how little he knew of the sentiments of the North.

The Times, editorially speaking of the distress in Lancashire, says it is for the honor of the nation that this distress be known to the world that it may see the sacrifices made in the cause of neutrality.  The Times regards the new slave trade treaty as the first fruits of secession, but says it is not a blow at the South, but a victory over the North.

The Paris correspondent of the Morning Herald says it is beyond question that the recognition of the South is seriously contemplated by the French Government.

The Bourse was flat 70f 80c.

Rumors of the approaching solution of the Roman question are more and more general.  It is reported that the Papal Government is prepared for sudden departure.

LATER. – LONDON, May 11, P.M. – Consols – further decline, closing today 92½@92¼.

American Stocks – I. C. 49½@46½ discount; Erie 32¼.

Liverpool Breadstuffs Market – Authorities report flour neglected and offered at slight reduction, 24s 6d@30s.  Wheat dull and nominally unchanged, red western 10s@10s 10d; white 11s 6d@11s 10d.  Corn in moderate demand but freely offered at 27s 9d@28s for mixed.; white 23s@33s per quarter.

LATEST. – May 10, P.M. – The market is nominally the same as yesterday, but holders would accept lower soles [sic] of buyers of approved provisions.

– Published in The Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Burlington Iowa, Saturday, May 24, 1862, p. 3

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