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Ward Meetings


At the Republican Meeting held on Monday evening, March 31st, at the house of W. Langlacker, on motion H. S. Finley was called to the chair and James R. Johnson appointed Secretary.

The following gentlemen were nominated for Aldermen: Barton S. Glaspell, Samuel Hirschel, Peter Mulhoefer and W. Weinart.

On motion an informal ballot was taken; the result was Barton S. Glaspell received 24 votes, Samuel Hirschel 11, Peter Mulhoefer 7 and W. Weinart 1.  Mr. Glaspell having received a majority of all the votes cast was declared the nominee of the convention.  The following gentlemen were elected a Ward committee for the ensuing year:  Messrs. Mathews, Finley and Belding.

On Motion W. Mathews was appointed Chairman and Mr. Finley Secretary of said committee.  On motion the Editors of the GAZETTE and Der Demokrat were requested to publish the proceedings of this meeting in their daily papers.  Adjourned.



AT A MEETING of the Republicans of the 2d ward, on Tuesday, April 1st, 1862, for the purpose of nominating an Alderman for the next city election, in the absence of Mr. R. Peters, President, Mr. Ernst Clausen was elected President.

On Motion , Mr. F. Ochs was unanimously nominated for Alderman

On motion, Mr. H. H. Andresen, F. Ochs and Wulf Lyt were elected Ward committee, with power to elect among themselves, President and Secretary.

On motion, adjourned.



The Republicans of the Sixth Ward met at the school house, East Davenport, on Monday evening last, to nominate a candidate for Alderman, and for the transaction of other business.

Mr. Winkless called the meeting to order.  James Coulthart was appointed Chairman, and T. J. Saunders Secretary.

The object of the meeting having been stated, it was agreed that an informal ballot be taken for Alderman.  C. C. Blood and Robert Simpson were selected as tellers, and the result was as follows: Charles Whitaker, 23 votes; Edwin Pester, 22 votes; Wm. Crosson, 7 votes; and Robert Simpson, 1 vote.

It was then moved that a formal ballot be entered into, and that the Secretary record the names of the voters – which was agreed to.

Mr. Crosson respectfully declined being a candidate any further; likewise Mr. Simpson.

The ballot resulted as follows: Charles Whitaker, 29 votes; Edwin Pester, 27 votes; blank 2 votes.

Some discussion arising respecting the propriety of entering into another ballot, Mr. Pester came forward and after a few remarks moved that Mr. Whitaker be declared the choice of the meeting, which was unanimously concurred in, and three cheers were given Mr. Pester for his prompt and magnanimous action.

Dr. Saunders was re-appointed Secretary of the Ward Club, and Messrs. Robt. Simpson and Jas. Coulthart and Geo. Meredith, a Ward Committee.

On motion of Mr. Phillips, the meeting then adjourned.


– Published in The Davenport Daily Gazette, Davenport, Iowa, Wednesday Morning, April 2, 1862, p. 1

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