Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Secretary Stanton has ordered the military supervision of the telegraph to stop all telegraphic communications to the Philadelphia Inquirer until satisfactory proof that their dispatches from the army at Yorktown were duly authorized.

All application for passes by editors and newspaper correspondents are referred to E. S. Sanford.

PHILADELPHIA, April 10 – Midnight.

The editor of the Inquirer states that the dispatch deemed objectionable by the Secretary of War, was countersigned by Gen. Wool on the letter itself and on the envelope, and feels confident of making a satisfactory explanation to the government.  Meanwhile the editor requests that the order of Secretary Stanton be withheld from publication, or if published, be accompanied by this explanation.


Satisfactory proof having been furnished to the War Department by the publisher of the Philadelphia Inquirer, that the recent publication of military operations in that paper were made by him without any willful intentions of violating the order of the department, and in the full belief that they were properly authorized, the telegraphic privilege of the Philadelphia Inquirer are restored.  By order of the Secretary of War.

– Published in The Davenport Daily Gazette, Davenport, Iowa, Saturday Morning, April 12, 1862, p. 1

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