Thursday, April 12, 2012

Horrors Of Civil War

During the hottest of the battle on the Saturday before the surrender of Fort Donelson, two Kentucky regiments were brought face to face, one on the Federal and the other on the Rebel side.  In each of these regiments were two companies from Henderson county, and in each of the companies were two brothers.  The one in Captain Holloway’s company, battling for the old “time honored banner” – was dangerously wounded, while his rebel brother escaped unhurt and was taken prisoner.  Old school-mates in these companies were forced to shed each other’s blood by the infamous authors of this infamous rebellion. – What punishment at all proportionate to their crime can be meeted out to these traitorous leaders. – {Evansville Journal.

– Published in The Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa, Saturday, March 1, 1862, p. 3

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