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List of the Killed and Wounded [during the Battle of Pea Ridge]


Company A – Geo. A. McCoy, killed; Chas. Wilkinson, mortally wounded, dead; Wm. Lillibridge, wounded in leg; R. M. Sansbury, wounded in face, dangerously; S. Q. Payne, wounded in hand and leg; J. Fowler, wounded in face, severely; Geo. M. Miller, wounded in abdomen, slightly; David L. Jacox, wounded in leg; Henry Blenker, wounded in leg and face, severely; Corporal John M. Bannon, wounded in leg, slightly; First Sergeant Geo. A. Henry, wounded by a limb from a tree, slightly; Corporal A. B. Henry, wounded in face, slightly.

Company B – Geo. W. Tucker, wounded in arm slightly.

Company C – Corporal T. S. Reed, wounded in shoulder, slightly; Wm. A. Madison, wounded in thigh, slightly, R. N. Farnsworth, do; S. Slaughter, wounded in hip, seriously; James F. Robinson, wounded in abdomen, dangerously; O. F. Gilbert, do; R. C. Darby, wounded in left breast, dangerously; Henry Hummer, wounded in mouth, severely; Henry Lemon, wounded in thigh, slightly; Geo. W. Bike, wounded in forehead, slightly; Abram Moody, wounded in knee, slightly; John Strain, wounded in face, slightly; T. Baker, wounded in arm, slightly.

Company D – M. Lawrence, wounded in shoulder, severely; John Markham, wounded in head, slight; Samuel Martin, in arm slight; J. H. Picket, wounded, slight; A. J. Rumley, wounded in hand; Seth Rowe, wounded in hand; Lewis Solomon, arm, slightly; F. M. Smith, wounded in back, slightly; A. Tucker, in hand, slightly; J. Swinehout, do; R. S. Weedon, wounded in hand, slightly; First Corporal, J. W. Whetstone, killed; W. H. Harrison, do; J. N. Ketchum, do; H. E. Vaugh, do; John H. Williams, do; Captain George Burton, wounded in arm severely by grapeshot; First Sergeant J. P. Finley, wounded in hand, missing; Second Sergeant Fred. Teale wounded in shoulder; slightly; Fifth Sergeant Chas. A. Gilham, wounded in the leg severely; Corporal J. J. Childers wounded in the breast, Corporal Chas. M. Little, wounded in the thigh; J. C. Arnold, wounded in the head, slightly; H. B. Burns, wounded in the heel, slightly; W. T. Colwell wounded in the neck and missing; Merrick Davis, wounded severely; R. E. Haywood, wounded in the shoulder, slightly; C. W. Hawley, wounded in both thighs severely; J. M. Hannon, wounded in the hand slightly; Wm Hawkins, wounded in the arm slightly; Willis Hine, wounded in both thighs severely.

Company E – Third Sergeant Edwin W. Barnum, killed; Jeptha W. Bell, do; H. P. Cornish, do; S. H. James, wounded dangerously in abdomen; H. A. Barrett, wounded in thigh severely; Martin Foster, do in chest, slight; J. Hannon, do in thigh and leg severely; Isaac reeves, do in foot slight; Charles W. Green, do in hand slight; James Breck, do in arm slight; Philip L. Taylor, do in leg severely.

Company F – Abram Holmes, Wm. Debusk, James Stuman, killed; musician A. G. Williams, wounded in side; wagoner W. W. Crandall, wounded in arm, slight; Caspar Armheart, wounded in side, slight; Anderson Bird, do in breast, slight; Albert Benedick, do in face, slight; Wm. Logan, do in hand, slight; J. H. Dorrence, do in head , slight; A. P. Heatt, do in face, slight; A. P. Heatt, do in arm, slight; Sylvanus Heit, do in leg, severely; O. F. Smith, do in leg severely; J. W. Smith, do in head and shoulder, severely; Elisha Steward, do in hand, slight.

Company G – Jos. M. Milisop, wounded in arm severely; Herman Obenhoff, do; Henry Rose, do; L. T. Sipp, do, in leg, severely; G. Goble, do in arm, severely; Fred. Breck, do in arm, slightly; C. W. Powers, do, shoulder do; P. B. Smith, do mouth do; L. H. Barton, do abdomen do; A. Levi do arm do; J. B. Russell, do hands do; W. W. Robinson, do foot do.

Company H – James Lewellyn and Geo. Rose, killed; Capt. E. Y. Burgan, wounded, in head, slight; Lieut. L. Porcher, do, leg, two shots, badly; Corp. A. Moore, do, thigh, slight; James M. Campbell, do, in thigh, badly; W. W. Bartlett, do, in face, slight; Freakes, do, in foot, do; A Freshom, do in hip, do; W. L. Harlin, do, in hand, badly; G. W. Hight, do in thigh, slight; C. D. Lawrence, do in thigh, badly; Silas A. Merker, do in wrist, slight; John S. Pergrin, do, in knee, slight; J. W. Ratliff, do; Alpheus Walkup, do, in hand, slight.

Company I – First Lieutenant Robert S. Jackson, killed; Alford O’Connor, killed; Samuel Williams, do; First Sergeant G. A. Robinson, wounded in arm severely; Second Sergeant J. Keplinger, do; Fourth Sergeant M. Nelson, wounded in hand severely; First Corporal B. S. Everett, wounded in hip severely; Second Corporal H. S. Trumbull, wounded in face, severely; Sixth Corporal James A. Harper; wounded in shoulder and lung, dangerously; John S. Atkinson, in leg, slightly; H. Erickson, in arm; J. Easter, in shoulder slightly; Charles Morgan, in face severely; Philip Miskimmins, wounded in hip slightly; William Moore, in leg slightly; Samuel H. Moore, in head severely; Nathan Coppal, wounded In knee severely; Thomas Church, wounded in leg slightly; Samuel S. Messenger, missing.

Company K -  Edwin A. Richardson, killed; 2d Lieutenant Jas. T. Crittenden, wounded in the breast mortally; 1st corporal N. D. King, wounded in knee; 2d corporal Thos. J. Jacks, wounded in leg slight; Isaac M. Bimms, wounded in hip; A. M. Brooks, wounded in leg, slight; Walter S. Bradwell, Wm. Chenowith, A. L. Scott, do; Jno. Ewing, wounded in shoulder, severely; Geo. H. Heimer, wounded slight; Benj. L. St. Clair, wounded in head slight; Ira Sleeth wounded in leg slight; Ferdinand Verges, wounded in arm slight; Joseph Van Gunde, wounded in foot severely.

Field and Staff Officers – Col. J. Galligar, wounded in hand slightly by grapeshot; Lieut. J. A. Williamson, Adjutant, slightly wounded in shoulder by grapeshot.


Wm. Hall, R. Parkhurst, G. Gustavinson, killed; Capt. J. A. Jones, wounded; Lieut. O. W. Gambell, wounded severely; K. W. Henry, slight; W. F. Connor, P. J. Duvall, Thos. Brown, J. B. Nelson, C. Woodmansere, Samuel Black, James Molesworth, John Easton, E. Skinnike, W. Seden, wounded severely.  Engaged in the battle, 114; killed 3; officers wounded, 2; enlisted men wounded 11.

– Published in The Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa, Saturday, March 22, 1862, p. 4

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