Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter of Enos Hammer of Company G, 7th Iowa Cavalry, January 11, 1864

Cottonwood, N. T.
Jan 11 1864

Dear Father

I see myself today to write you a few lines to let you know that I am getting some better. I don't know whether I will get to come home yet or not Elisha don't want me to go but the doctor was down here last week and talked with me a little while and told me to come down to the hospital, and he would fix it up and I went down there this morning and carefully examined me so I don't know what he is going to do he will ____ if the Capt. hant played thunder with it so Jim may know how things are working out here I have $100 and I would like to know what to do with it I don't have anything to do only read and such like that.

Several of the boys are sick one of the boys from Story County has got something like the spotted fever the doctor told me he thought he wouldn't get well.

We have had right smart of snow and cold weather here for quite some time but it is getting warmer for the last few days. Sergt. Wellman has lost use of his left arm and leg it was caused by being wounded in the side the cook is getting some grub for dinner the Capt. is talking of reducing Jim Allen to the ranks of a private for staying at the sutlers all the time but he does his duty all the time by standing guard every night Job Beals got a letter from Jesse about a week ago he has had the lung fever but was about well but was unable to work you need not be afraid of me a gambling or drinking whiskey or anything of the kind for I am down on luck as any old strict Quaker

I must bring my letter to a close and remain as ever

Enos Hammer

To Henry Hammer

Please rite soon for I haven't heard from home for a long time. you can rite 2 times as week

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