Thursday, January 17, 2013

Special to New York Papers

NEW YORK, April 1. – Herald’s Special states that resolutions are soon to be introduced in the Senate, asking the Secretary of State for a report upon the reciprocity and fishery treaties with Great Britain, and also asking for statistical information respecting the imports and exports and details since the treaty went into operation, and the amount of trade between this country and the colonies, so that Congress may have the information necessary to take proper action upon the tax bill, as well as to determine upon the proposed action regarding the treaty.

Col. D. Ultasen, of the Garibaldi Guard, was put under arrest by order of Gen. Sumner last Saturday, charged with neglect of duty, in permitting his regiment to plunder the residents in the neighborhood of his camp.

(Times’ special.)

It is ascertained, on examination, that Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Fox, as soon as it was known that the Nashville had run in at Beaufort, N. C., telegraphed to every gunboat of the Navy that was employed to proceed forthwith to that port to prevent her escape. – All urgency was expressed in his dispatch, but by a run of ill luck not one reached her destination in time to do any good.

The prospect is excellent for the passage of the bill for the completion of the Stevens’ battery.  The amendment of The Senate referring the matter to the judgment of the Secretary of the Navy was merely meant as a respect to that Department; it not being contemplated that the Secretary would veto a bill deemed to important.  The Secretary prefers not to have the responsibility impliedly placed on him by the language of the bill, and it is probably that he will request the amendment referring the matter to him stricken out.  The department are anxious to have everything in the way of improvement of iron-clad ships fully tested.

– Published in The Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa, Saturday, April 5, 1862, p. 4

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