Friday, April 5, 2013

Deaths of Iowa Soldiers

The list of Iowa Soldiers who died in the Hospitals of St. Louis and vicinity during the week ending January 25th, is as follows:

Jan 19 [N] B Henry, Co. D, 15th Inf
Jan 19 Marshall Lazelle, Co. F, 12th Inf
Jan 19 Richard Williams, Fletcher’s Battery Light Artillery
Jan 20 John H Scott, Co. K, 2d Cavalry
Jan 20 John Sohn, Co. B, 12th Infantry
Jan 20 Thos Jordan, Co. F, 11th Inf
Jan 21 James M Hughes, Co. A, 12th Inf
Jan 21 Barney Clawson, Co. I, 2d Cav
Jan 21 Uhl Mather, Co. D, 12th Inf
Jan 21 Thomas Brattain, Co. C, 2d Inf
Jan 22 Hiram Halleck, Co. E, 7th Inf
Jan 22 James C Taylor, Co. F, 2d Cav
Jan 23 Henry M Dougal, Co. E, 7th Inf
Jan 23 D H Swain, Co. A, 12th Inf
Jan 23 Lewis P Mills, Co. K, 2d Inf
Jan 24 Capt. C C Tupper, Co. G, 12th Inf
Jan 24 Ira H Phillips, Co. H, 11th Inf
Jan 24 Jackson Jewell, Co. B, 2d Cav
Jan 25 George Mason, Co. E, 12th Inf
Jan 25 John [Eing], Co. F, Cav

– Published in The Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa, Saturday, February 1, 1862, p. 2

Editor’s Note: The last person named in this list may be the John Elinger of Co. F, 9th Illinois Cavalry, who the United States Department of Veterans Affairs National Grave Site Locator states died Jan. 25, 1862 and is buried in Section 50 Site 694 in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri.  However, his Pension Index Card on gives is date of death as June 27, 1909.  Based on these 2 conflicting pieces of information, I cannot make a positive identification.  It could very well also be a death reported in error.

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