Friday, October 18, 2013

Local Matters

NEW invoice of spectacles at Newbern’s No 54 Brady street, near post-office.

FIFTH WARD. – Mr. Walter Kelly was selected as the Democratic candidate for alderman of the 5th Ward, last evening.

TO BUILDERS. – The attention of builders is called to the advertisement in to-day’s paper for proposals for the erection of a schoolhouse in Cleona township.

LADIES can get house shoes at Dow & Co’s. cheap.  They are selling the Suits’ stock of gaiters, slips, and buskins from 50 cents to $1.  They are worth double the goods bought expressly to sell for the same prices.

CRICKET. – The Cricket Club went out to North Davenport yesterday afternoon for a little exercise in their favorite game.  This club is a new one, though they use the bats and balls of the former club.

SWIMMING SCHOOL. – The Muscatine Journal says that the Davenporters are “going to establish a swimming school.”  Not going to, neighbor, it’s already an old thing here; but we’re enlarging and improving on the previous facilities of the kind.

KING ALCOHOL IS IN TOUBLE. – the people of Moline have gone before the grand jury of their county, and declared war against the doggeries of that place.  They seem determined to drive them out, or at least all where anything stronger than beer is sold.

WADSWORTH received per express this day another lot of those fashionable walking sacques; also black lace veils of all qualities, black blue and buff challies, beautiful goods for children and an elegant assortment of black cloths suitable for gentleman’s suits and ladies’ sacques and raglans.

REGISTERING DOGS. – The number of dogs registered yesterday was 123 – making 253 in all.  The town clerk will be found in his office the rest of the week, in order to afford all an opportunity who desire to avail themselves of the protection of the law.  In La Claire township, we are informed, the people are coming up promptly, and with a determination to enforce the law.

FELICITY. – Our city, it affords us pleasure to know, still increases in population, notwithstanding the hard times.  Our cotemporary, and a worthy member of the legislature, both of whom reside on the bluff, have within a few days welcomed each a stranger, of the kind which, combined with “white pantaloons and molasses candy,” raised in the mind of Artemus Ward such dreams of “unalloyed felicity.”

IOWA CITY, May 15, 1862.


Iowa City township, the Banner township!  Up to 9 o’clock, A. M. 309 dogs registered. – Can Davenport beat that?

Yours, &c.

Insurance against fire and the perils of inland transportation, and life insurance, can be had of W. F. ROSS, general insurance agent, Metropolitan building, who will not represent any but the most reliable companies.

– Published in The Davenport Daily Gazette, Davenport, Iowa, Friday Morning, May 16, 1862, p. 1

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