Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Governor Thomas H. Hicks to Congressman Edwin H. Webster, November 9, 1860

State of Maryland, Executive Chamber,
Annapolis, November 9, 1860.
Hon. E. H. Webster.

My Dear Sir: — I have pleasure in acknowledging receipt of your favor introducing a very clever gentleman to my acquaintance (though a Democrat). I regret to say that we have at this time no arms on hand to distribute, but assure you at the earliest possible moment your company shall have arms; they have complied with all required of them on your part. We have some delay in consequence of contracts with Georgia and Alabama ahead of us, and we expect at an early date an additional supply, and of the first received your people shall be furnished. Will they be good men to send out to kill Lincoln and his men? If not, I suppose the arms would be better sent South. How does the late election sit with you? ’Tis too bad. Harford nothing to reproach herself for.

Your obedient servant,

SOURCE: George Lovic Pierce Radcliffe, Governor Thomas H. Hicks of Maryland and the Civil War, p. 20

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