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John L. Motley to Mary Lothrop Motley, June 22, 1862

Marien Villa, Vöslau bei Wien,
June 22, 1862.

Darling Kleine Mary: Your letter of June 1 from Washington was most delightful. Every word of it was full of interest, and every sentiment expressed in it is very just and quite according to my heart. . . .  The copy of your little note from the President touched me very much. I have the most profound respect for him, which increases every day. His wisdom, courage, devotion to duty, and simplicity of character seem to me to embody in a very striking way all that is most noble in the American character and American destiny. His administration is an epoch in the world's history, and I have no more doubt than I have of my existence that the regeneration of our Republic for a long period to come will date from his proclamation calling out the first 75,000 troops more than a year ago.

That proclamation was read “amid bursts of laughter by the rebel Congress”; but people do not laugh at Abraham Lincoln now in any part of the world, whatever else they may do or say.

Your affectionate

SOURCE: George William Curtis, editor, The Correspondence of John Lothrop Motley in Two Volumes, Library Edition, Volume 2, p. 260

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