Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Diary of Luman Harris Tenney: August 15, 1862

Stopped a little while in the morning to feed the horses. Moved on and passed through “Ball Town.” Stopped to get some breakfast. Received a letter from home. The prairie took fire several times and kept the boys busy fighting it. Colonel, Capt. Smith, Majors Miner and Purington rested under a tent fly we pitched. Marched again at 3 P. M. Passed Pappinsville. All these places in Mo. are little stingy trading posts. Over prairies and through woods and ravines we went. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Tired of jolting. Made a bed of the blankets. 2nd Ohio mounted and in advance under Major Purington. Stopped about 2 A. M. and fed horses. Roasted corn.

SOURCE: Frances Andrews Tenney, War Diary Of Luman Harris Tenney, p. 25

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