Saturday, March 11, 2017

Joseph Bryant to John Brown, June 25, 1857

Yours of the 22d was duly received by me on yesterday, and I, according to your request, called on the colonel. I learned that he intends to leave here to join you in about ten days (certainly, barring accidents). I learned, too, that he had drawn the money, and I think it is pretty well used up by this time. I did not say anything about his refunding, as he assured me, in the most positive way he could, that he would set out as soon as he got his book finished, which would be done in about a week. He says he is as anxious as you are to do everything that can be done; but he still thinks that there will be no need of action before winter. Yet he admitted it was best to be ready; and he thinks his book of extracts is all-important, — a part of the necessary tools to work with. He has given up the idea of getting his family over to this country, and is about sending his daughter back to her mother. She will leave in a few days. He sent his family (I understood from himself) about one hundred and twenty dollars some time ago of the money he drew, and I suppose it will take some hundred dollars for his daughter to go home on; yet I think the colonel is acting in good faith, and is an honorable man.

SOURCE: Franklin B. Sanborn, The Life and Letters of John Brown, p. 390

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