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Officers of the 1st Louisiana Infantry (USA)

In active service during the Siege of Port Hudson


Colonel — Richard E. Holcomb of Connecticut. Killed in action June 14, 1863. William O. Fisk of Massachusett. Promoted to Colonel, June 15, 1863.

Major — Charles H. Grosvenor of Ohio.

First Surgeon — Seth C. Gordon of Maine.

Second Assistant Surgeon — Richard H. Meserve of Maine.

Quartermaster — James A. Leonard of Mass.

Chaplain — Samuel M. Kingston of Ireland.

Captains — William George of Denmark. Frances Felton of Prussia, Alonzo W. Persons of Massachusetts; Henry G. Ingham of Pennsylvania; Charles May of Saxony; George Shemenauer of Baden, Germany; George A. Mayne of Vermont; James T. Jenner of England; John R. Parsons of Massachusetts.

First Lieutenants—James T. Smith, of Ireland; Thomas L. Scott of Massachusetts; Marcena C. S. Gray of Maine; Martin V. B. Hill of Massachusetts; Rudolph Krause of Hanover; Henry T. Carter of Maine.

Second Lieutenants — George M. Severy of Maine; Devereux E. Jones of Canada; George G. Smith of Vermont; Charles S. Leonard of Massachusetts; Adolph Charpenter of France; John Kline of Germany; James M. Gardner of Scotland; Richard Byrne of Ireland; John Kearney of Ireland; Michael H. Dunne of Ireland.

Commissioned Officers of Co C. First Louisiana Regt Infty Vols.

Captain — Francis Felton.
First Lieutenant — Thomas L. Scott.
Second Lieutenant  — George G. Smith.

SOURCE: Abstracted from George G. Smith, Leaves from a Soldier's Diary, p. 147

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