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George L. Stearns to John Brown, May 14, 1858

Boston, May 14, 1858.

Mr. John Brown, Chatham, Canada West.

Dear Sir, — Enclosed please find a copy of a letter to Dr. Howe from Hon. Henry Wilson. You will recollect that you have the custody of the arms alluded to, to be used for the defence of Kansas, as agent of the Massachusetts State Kansas Committee. In consequence of the information thus communicated to me, it becomes my duty to warn you not to use them for any other purpose, and to hold them subject to my order as chairman of said committee. A member of our committee will be at Chatham early in the coming week, to confer with you as to the best mode of disposing of them.

Truly your friend,
George L. Stearns,
Chairman Mass. State Kansas Committee.

SOURCE: Franklin B. Sanborn, The Life and Letters of John Brown, p. 461

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