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John Brown to a Friend in Tabor, Iowa, February 25, 1859


Springtdale, Iowa, Feb. 25, 1859.

1. Whole party and teams kept for two days free of cost.

2. Sundry articles of clothing given to the captives.

3. Bread, meat, cakes, pies, etc., prepared for our journey.

4. Full houses for two nights in succession, at which meetings Brown and Kagi spoke, and were loudly cheered and fully indorsed. Three Congregational clergymen attended the meeting on Sabbath evening (notice of which was given out from the pulpit). All of them took part in justifying our course and in urging contributions in our behalf. There was no dissenting speaker present at either meeting. Mr. Grinnell spoke at length; and has since labored to procure us a free and safe conveyance to Chicago, and effected it.

5. Contributions in cash amounting to $26.50.

6. Last, but not least, public thanksgiving to Almighty God offered up by Mr. Grinnell in the behalf of the whole company for His great mercy and protecting care, with prayers for a continuance of those blessings.

As the action of Tabor friends has been published in the newspapers by some of her people (as I suppose), would not friend Gaston or some other friend give publicity to all the above?

Respectfully your friend,
John Brown.

P. S. Our reception among the Quaker friends here has been most cordial.

Yours truly,
J. B.

SOURCE: Franklin B. Sanborn, The Life and Letters of John Brown, p. 488-9

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