Thursday, July 13, 2017

John Brown to his Friends, November 1, 1858

Moneka, Kansas, Nov. 1, 1858.

Dear Friends, — Your letter of the 10th October from Hudson was received in good time, but I was not then in a condition to reply at once. Things at this moment look rather threatening in this immediate neighborhood; but what will come up I cannot say. I am obliged to you for your efforts to prevent Watson from going to California, and will try to express my gratitude by hinting to you that a business and copartnership, such as you allude to, would be very likely to require a good deal of the capital (real or fictitious) of others, where by you would be likely to run into debt, and into some other entanglements. Could you not do moderately well by taking a dairy again? That business has for the last half century been subject to as few fluctuations in Ohio as any other (I think). Beside that, I suppose you already understand it, tolerably well at least. I may take wholly a wrong view of the subject. My health is some improved, but I am still weak. Shall write to you where to direct when I know where to do so.

May God bless you all!

Your friend.

SOURCE: Franklin B. Sanborn, The Life and Letters of John Brown, p. 479-80

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