Saturday, March 10, 2018

Diary of 2nd Lieutenant Luman Harris Tenney: March 10, 1864

Major Nettleton returned. Told M. this morning in regard to F. and myself. She thinks as I do, that if the girl really loves me she ought to know it. If not, we ought to stop our intimacy. So shall I act. Received letter, unable to decide, does not know her own heart. Answered, after a crying spell, and consulting with Ma and M. We all think alike. Feel as if I were doing my duty anyway. Finished the letter and went to Friday prayer meeting. Spoke. Did me good. Determined through the grace of God to make my trial a blessing. Will be a man and a Christian. Called at Fannie Hudson's. Meeting in the evening.

SOURCE: Frances Andrews Tenney, War Diary Of Luman Harris Tenney, p. 109

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