Thursday, May 17, 2018

Senator Henry Wilson to George L. Stearns, May 9, 1858

dear Sir:

I write you to say that you had better talk with some few of our friends who contributed money to aid old Brown to organize and arm some force in Kansas for defence, about the policy of getting those arms out of his hands and putting them in the hands of some reliable men in that territory.

If they should be used for other purposes, as rumor says they may be, it might be of disadvantage to the men who were induced to contribute to that very foolish movement. If it can be done, get the arms out of his control and keep clear of him at least for the present. This is in confidence.

Henry Wilson.*

* Sanborn’s, “John Brown.”

SOURCE: Frank Preston Stearns, The Life and Public Services of George Luther Stearns, p. 168; Gregory Toledo, The Hanging of Old Brown: A Story of Slaves, Statesmen, and Redemption, p. 154, n. 42 for the date of this letter.

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