Monday, August 12, 2019

Brigadier-General Benjamin F. Butler to Simon Cameron, April 30, 1861

Department of Annapolis, April 30th, 1861
The Secretary of War

DEAR SIR: I am annoyed to death with the continual call for passage. To check it I have established a tariff of $4.00 from Washington to Perryville, except those upon official business, and I hope this number will be limited by the department, as the number now interferes with the transportation of troops.

Will you allow me to suggest that we are getting yeoman service from S. M. Felton, Esq. President of the Phila. & Wil. Railroad. Will you not by an order put this whole matter of transportation by this line under his direction, subject to my order for military purposes. Mr. Felton took the responsibility of giving me sole charge of the Maryland Steamer by means of which a landing could be effected. He is efficient and true as steel.

I am constructing a short piece of railroad for the connection of tide water with Washington. I have the material now and trust to be able to have it in order in ten days.

Respectfully, Your obedient servant,

SOURCE: Jessie Ames Marshall, Editor, Private and Official Correspondence of Gen. Benjamin F. Butler During the Period of the Civil War, Volume 1: April 1860 – June 1862, p. 57-8

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