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Daniel L. Ambrose: April 25, 1861

To-day the Seventh Illinois Volunteer Infantry is mustered into the United States service by Captain John Pope, United States Army, with the following officers:

Colonel.—John Cook, of the Springfield Grays.
Lieutenant Colonel.—Wilford D. Wyatt, of the Lincoln Guards.
Major.—Nicholas Greusel, of the Aurora Company.
Surgeon.—Kichard L. Metcalf.
Chaplain.—Jesse P. Davis.

Company A.
Captain.—Edward S. Joslyn.
First Lieutenant.—Reuben H. Adams.
Second Lieutenant.—James Doudson.

Company B.
Captain.—James Monroe.
First Lieutenant.—Edward W. True.
Second Lieutenant.—Robert H. McFaddt'n.

Company C.
Captain—Samuel E. Lawyer.
First Lieutenant.—Silas Miller.
Second Lieutenant.—Rufus Pattison.

Company D.
Captain.—Benjamin Munn.
First Lieutenant.—Elizur Southworth.
Second Lieutenant.—Mark Miller.

Company E.
Captain.—George H. Estabrook.
First Lieutenant.—Otto Buzzard.
Second Lieutenant.—H. C. Worthington.f

Company F.
Captain.—J. F. Cummings.
First Lieutenant—William O. Jenks.
Second Lieutenant.—C. F. Adams.

Company G.
Captain.—William Sands.
First Lieutenant.—David L. Canfield.
Second Lieutenant.—W. G. Kercheval.

Company H.
Captain.—C. W. Holden.
First Lieutenant.—Chris. C. Mason.
Second Lieutenant—Leo Wash. Myers.

Company I.
Captain.—A. J. Babcock.
First Lieutenant.—Thos. G. Moffitt.
Second Lieutenant.—Noah E. Mendell.

Company K.
Captain.—Richard Rowett.
First Lieutenant—Manning Mayfield.
Second lieutenant.—George Hunter.

At this time the firm steps of Illinois’ patriot men were heard, keeping step to the music of the Union. In every direction her stalwart sons were seen marching towards the Capital. The loyal pulse never beat so central and quickening as at this period.

SOURCES: Daniel Leib Ambrose, History of the Seventh Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, p. 5-7

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