Friday, November 8, 2019

George L. Stearns, writing from Nashville, Tennessee, September 21, 1863

This is a gloomy day in Nashville, for the army of Rosecrans has been brought to a stand, and is in peril. He is, however, a brave commander and will do his best. We are not in any danger here, being 100 miles from the seat of war, with an almost impassable country between, and troops enough here to guard us from any guerilla attack that might be made.

If you could understand the nature of my work you would say, “Stay and do it.” I am already looked up to by those poor people as their guardian, and they are very grateful. I am offered fruit and carriage rides, and other demonstrations, which are gratifying to me. Yesterday they impressed some men for work, and in the process shot a slave, who, I learn, will probably die. I am doing all I can for him, and am taking measures to prevent a recurrence of those painful scenes. I am busy to-day for I have just commenced recruiting.

SOURCE: Preston Stearns, The Life and Public Services of George Luther Stearns, p. 310

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