Friday, February 14, 2020

Captain Charles Wright Wills: September 3, 1864

September 3, 1864.

Rebels still here. Congratulatory order from Sherman commences, “Slocum occupied Atlanta yesterday at 11 a. m.” We can see nothing of our position here. I don't know where the 23d and 14th are. Our line here is very crooked, but generally faces southeast. Commencing at our right our line runs 17th, 15th, 16th and 4th. Kilpatrick is on our right or in the enemy's rear. Can't hear a word of Hood's or Polk's old corps or the militia. Hardee is in our front, and they are the only Rebel troops I know aught of. Cheatham's Division faces us, and a S. C. Brigade is opposite our brigade. Captain Wilkinson was wounded in the arm to-day.

SOURCE: Charles Wright Wills, Army Life of an Illinois Soldier, p. 298

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