Saturday, August 1, 2020

Pete Muggins to Abraham Lincoln, November 25, 1860

Fillmore La Nov 25th 1860

Old Abe Lincoln

 God damn your god damned of hellfire of god damned soul to hell god damn you and god damn your god damned family’s god damn hellfired god damned soul to hell and god damnation god damn them and god-damn your god damn friends to hell god damn their god damned souls to damnation god damn them and god damn their god damn families to eternal god damnation god damn souls to hell god damn them and God Almighty God damn Old Hamlin to go hell God damn his God damned soul God all over everywhere double damn his God damned soul to hell.

Now you God damned old abolition son of a bitch God damned you I want you to send me God damn you about one dozen good offices Good God almighty God damn your God damned soul and three or four pretty Gals God damn you you

And by doing God damn you
Will Oblige 
Pete Muggins

SOURCE: Hate Mail for Old Abe Lincoln, Adam Matthew Blog, posted August14, 2014, accessed August 1, 2020

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