Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Oceola Union Guards

Below will be found the names of both Officers and privates of this company, as organized Saturday June the 27 at the Court House in this place. The offices not mentioned have not yet been filled or had not when I last saw the Captain.

The Company is a good one, and if necessity requires, will do much good.

Capt. S. P. Glenn
1st. Lt. F. W. Johnson
2nd [Lt.] M. L. Prine
1st Sergeant B. Woolman
2nd [Sergeant] James Hall
3rd [Sergeant] W. N. Barnard
4th [Sergeant] F. C. Roland
5th [Sergeant] Isaac Burt

Arnold, Benjamin
Alexander, W. H.
Adams, James F.
Brown, S. P.
Baily, Clark
Bare, David
Brown, Adolphus Z.
Bare, John
Brown, Benj. F.
Bennum, John W.
Chaney, J. F.
Cox, Isreal
Cummins, Wm. L.
Cline, J. B.
Campbell, J. J. M.
Crabree, James F.
Detrick, Joseph H.
Detrick, M. D.
Davidson, B. O.
Denny, David B.
Detrick, Balster
Dixon, Gilbert
Erwin, D. M.
Fowler, Philip L.
Farley, Andrew F.
Gardner, Wm. H.
Harper, John M.
Harper, Reuben J.
Harlan, J. [B.]
Harlan, Aaron
Henderson, James J.
Henderson, Wm. E.
Harlan, Silas
Hickman, John D.
Hutchinson, Isaac
Hickman, A. J.
Harlan, Noah
Hunt, F. H.
Hodges, Albert
Jenkins, James
Johnson, Wm. B.
Kerby, E.
Kerby, J. H.
Knotts, Jeddiah
Knotts, Elijah W.
Kirby, John
Kirby, Joshua
Kerby Henry
Ledgerwood, E. M.
Lane, J. B.
Morehead, Wm.
Miliner, Daniel
Overton, Hiram
Polly, John
Purvis, Moses
Polly, Isaac A.
Parish W. M.
Polly, James Jr.
Polly, J.
Polly, William
Roberts, George
Rich, Robert
Richards, James
Stacy, S. H.
Spray, John C.
Sayre, David
Sadoris, Henry
Spray, Aquilla H.
Smith, Mahlon
Terhune, James W.
Turner, James W.
Thompson, C. W.
Warthan, Wm. A.
Wescoat, Cyrus K.
Welch, Samuel [S.}
Williams, Thos.
Winkler, F. J.
Winkler, J. P.
Wily, James
Wilson, Oliver B.
Williams, John

- Published in The Union Sentinel, Osceola, Iowa, July 11, 1863

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