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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

14th Missouri State Militia Cavalry

Organized in Missouri at large March to May, 1862. Attached to District of Southwest Missouri, Dept. Missouri, to March, 1863.

SERVICE.—Action at Neosho May 31, 1862. Near Fayetteville, Ark., July 15. Scout in Polk and Dallas Counties July 19-23 (Cos. "B," "C," "E" and "H"). Ozark August 1-2 (Cos. "D," "F," "G" and "H"). White River, near Forsyth, August 4. Scout from Ozark to Forsyth, and skirmish, August 8-9 (2 Cos.). Mt. Vernon from Ozark to Forsyth August 14-17 (2 Cos.). Mt. Vernon September 19 (1 Co.). Expedition from Ozark toward Yellville, Ark., October 12-16 (Detachment). Mountain Home October 17. Operations about Cassville and Keetsville November 17-18. Battle of Prairie Grove, Ark., December 7. Expedition from Ozark into Marion County, Ark., December 9-15 (Cos. "D," "F," "G" and "H"). Expedition over Boston Mountains to Van Buren December 27-29. Operations against Marmaduke in Missouri December 31, 1862, to January 15, 1863. Fort Lawrence, Beaver Station, January 6, 1863 (2nd Battalion). Defence of Springfield January 8. Disbanded March 3, 1863.

SOURCE: Frederick H. Dyer, A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, Part 3, p. 1311