Review Policy:

I, from time to time, receive complimentary copies of books, DVD's, CD's or software for review from authors, publishers, musicians, artists or their distributors. Though it happens infrequently, I thought it might be a good time to post my policy regarding reviews.

Any complimentary review copy of a book I receive will be immediately placed on top of my reading pile and given the highest priority. If you are going to be generous enough to send me a book, then I, of course, will be gracious enough to read and review it as soon as I am able. However, that being said, if I’m currently in the middle of a book I’m not going to drop everything and immediately read yours, but you can be assured yours will be the very next book I will read. If a backlog should occur, I will read the books in the order in which I received them.

Once I receive an item for review I will post preliminary information about the item on the blog and on this page under the heading "In The Review Queue". Once I post my review of the item I will send you an email with links to the specific review so that you may read what I have written.  I will also delete the previous "In The Review Queue" post.  In essence, there will be two posts about any item that I review, but only the actual review will remain permanently on the blog.

I will post each review here, on this blog, and also on, as well as any other website you would like. Please keep in mind that just because you are sending me a something to review, does not guarantee you will receive a good review. I can, however, promise you a fair and honest review.

I will post book reviews typically within 1 to 6 months of receiving the book (depending on how busy I am). I will post DVD, CD & software reviews within 1 to 4 weeks of receiving the item.

If you have a book, DVD, CD or software you would like me to review you may email me HERE.

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