Sunday, November 24, 2013

Review: Gettysburg, The Graphic History of America's Most Famous Battle and the Turning Point of The Civil War

by Wayne Vansant

One hundred and fifty years have passed since the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1-3, 1863.  It was the largest and bloodiest battle to have ever taken place in the Western Hemisphere.  Volume upon volume has been written about what transpired in the small hamlet of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania during those three days in July.  So much has been written about the battle that for those who are just beginning to study it may find the question “Where do I begin?” a bit daunting to answer.

Fortunately Wayne Vansant has written and illustrated a graphic novel which contains much of the basic, need to know, information about the battle and its participants, “Gettysburg: The Graphic History of America's Most Famous Battle and the Turning Point of The Civil War.”

Vansant provides accurate and detailed information about the battle in an easily read compact book which can easily be read during an afternoon.  Breaking his graphic novel into five parts Mr. Vansant’s prologue follows the events leading up to the three day battle.  Each day of the battle gets its own chapter, which is in turn followed by an Afterward, that contains Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

“Gettysburg: The Graphic History of . . .” is appropriate for young and older readers alike, though many current students of the battle and the American Civil War, may find it trivial, it is a great place to start for the young and old who wish to begin their study of the largest battle in America’s greatest conflict.

ISBN 978-0760344064, Zenith Graphic Histories, © 2013, Paperback, Illustrated, 96 pages, $19.99.  To purchase this book please click HERE.

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