Monday, May 26, 2008

Letters For Soldiers

We are requested to call the attention of the friends of soldiers to the important of prepaying in full every description of mail matters sent by them. If you are not certain about the weight of a package, it is but little trouble to ask your Postmaster to test it on his scales. This will save both time and money to the soldier, and relieve the postal office of a great source of annoyance. To illustrate: At present Nashville, Tennessee, is the point where the mails for General Grant’s army center; thence they are taken by military conveyance to the different corps. The postal law forbids Postmasters suffering any mail upon which postage is due, leaving their custody before the postage be paid. A package or letter for a soldier at Chattanooga is received at Nashville, “due six cents.” It is there detained until a notice can be sent to the front, the soldier found, and the six cents sent to the Postmaster; this is occasioned by some careless friend at home who neglected to pay the proper postage.

Louisville Journal, 19th inst.

- Published in The Union Sentinel, Osceola, Iowa, December 19, 1863

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