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To the people of Clark County,

In as much as we have only about four weeks in which to raise our quota of men by volunteering, it is hoped that every citizen will see the importance of at once making a united effort to raise the quotas of the several townships of this county.

Let meetings be called and organized in each township, and while these meetings are being held for raising volunteers let arrangements be made for taking care of the families of those who now volunteer for the full period of three years, they will receive the whole amount of bounty remaining unpaid, the same as if the full term has been served – Veterans $402, and new recruits $302.

Shall we not have it to say that Clark is the first county in the distinct to raise the full quota? what township will first fill her quoto? Oceola has been first to respond.

I would say that I will be in Oceola every Saturday to receive recruits, and the balance of my time I will be traveling through the county; but don’t wait for me to come to you – but come up and volunteer. Have it to say, when this rebellion is wiped out “I fought for my country,” or let your children say ‘,my father fought for this government, (and be careful that you don’t have it to say I was drafted to fight for my country) for the 5th day of Jan., 1864, is the day set for the draft to commence, and every township that don’t [sic] furnish her full quoto by volunteering will be drafted, undoubtly [sic]. I hope that loyal Clark county will fill her quoto and escape this draft.

Oceola Cec–1st 1863.

A. Lyons.
Recruiting agent
For Clark County, Iowa

- Published in The Union Sentinel, Osceola, Iowa, December 19, 1863 & December 26, 1863

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