Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From Cairo

G. W. Cleaveland and two other citizens of Des Moines, started for Cairo a week since. Mr. Cleaveland writes to us from Cairo, under date of April 17th. He says: – “I shall endeavor to see all the wounded from Polk county, and do what little I can for them. It is impossible at present to procure any correct list of killed and wounded in Iowa Regiments.

“The bombardment of Fort Wright is still going on, and troops are being sent down as fast as possible. There was fighting yesterday in the vicinity of Pittsburgh Landing, be we know nothing about the result.

“We saw last evening a steamboat load of Secesh prisoners from Island No. 10, on their way to Madison, Wisconsin. Such a miserable, shabby set of human beings I never saw before! No such looking people ever before took up a residence in the free North!”

– Published in the Daily State Register, Des Moines, Iowa, Thursday, April 24, 1862

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