Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We are indebted to WILL. B. PICKERING . . .

. . . for a copy of the Huntsville (Ala.) Democrat, from which we extract the following very cool piece of Yankee daring. It is equal to anything we have read of since the days of Marion’s scouts:

A BOLD YANKEE. - A man in Federal uniform rode into Fayetteville, Tenn., on Sunday last, conversed freely with the citizens, said he belonged to an Ohio regiment, allowed a citizen, who asked permission, to examine his gun, removed the cap before handing it to him, dined at a tavern with his gun on his lap at the table, had his horse fed and left. The citizens thought him one of Morgan’s men, notwithstanding his representation. A short time after, however, they were undeceived. Coming 4 or 5 miles on the road to Huntsville, he overtook and old white man with four negroes and three wagons of bacon, he forced them to drive their wagons close together, put fodder under them, take out the mules and retire a few steps. Then, lighting a match he set fire to the wagons, consumed them and their contents. Riding to a church a few miles distant, where preaching was going on, he asked the minister if any soldiers were there, and saying if there were, he wanted them. Receiving a negative answer, he rode away, and crossed the road, 10 miles this side of Fayetteville, with two other Federals. That is the last we have heard of them. The owner of the bacon and wagons returned to Fayetteville with his negroes and mules and reported his misfortune. Several men went in pursuit of the bold marauders, but failed to find them.

– Published in The Athens Messenger, Athens, Ohio, Thursday, April 24, 1862

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