Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One of our generals . . .

. . . had been very frequently applied to with requisitions for Spiritus vini Gallici, the abbreviations Spir. vini Gal. only being used, and the general not knowing what was meant, but supposing that the applicants (surgeons of course) only wanted some kind of medicine, granted every application. He applied to the medical purveyor to know why he had not supplied the army with this Spir. vini Gal., and why so many requisitions had to be made for the article. “Well, I’ll be d----d,” said the purveyor, “I’ve just found out how so much liquor has been finding its way into our army; it is upon your signing the requisitions for French brandy;” and to doctor had his laugh heartily at the cruel expense of the general.

– Published in The Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa, Saturday April 26, 1862, p. 2

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