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William Hoffman to Grover S. Wormer, May 26, 1862

Detroit, Mich., May 26, 1862.

Capt. G. S. WORMER, Commanding Fort Mackinac, Mich.

CAPTAIN: I think it advisable to add some further instructions to those given in my letter of the 24th instant. You should in the first place put your company in a perfect state of instruction and discipline by at least two — better three — drills a day, and by a close observance of all the garrison duties laid down in the Army Regulations. The duties prescribed for guards should be particularly observed and in every detail the Regulations should be as clearly adhered to as possible. From guard mounting until sunset the prisoners under your charge may have the limits of the interior of the fort, but during the remainder of the day (twenty-four hours) they must be confined to their quarters under surveillance of the guard, with such orders as to insure their safety. Until arrangements are perfected for their messing in their own quarters you will make such provisions for them as may be convenient consistent with their safety. When cooking utensils are furnished on the estimates already forwarded you may permit them to hire a man to cook for them who must give satisfactory evidence of his loyalty. Direct your quartermaster to purchase such cheap table furniture as may be absolutely necessary for their use. Permit them to purchase for themselves what articles for the table or furniture they please, but not liquors of any kind. While the prisoners are granted the freedom of the fort during the day they must be on their parole of honor not to attempt to escape nor to violate any rule you may prescribe for them. Withhold from them privileges of all kinds unless your orders are strictly complied with. Report to me by letter twice a month, on the 15th and the last day, the state of things at your post.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Lieut. Col. Eighth Infantry, Commissary-General of Prisoners.

SOURCE: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies During the War of the Rebellion, Series II, Volume 3, p. 598-9

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