Tuesday, May 25, 2010

George Pomutz

George Pomutz was the Fourth Lieutenant Colonel, and was appointed November 23, 1864. He was an exiled Hungarian who came to America in 1848 and settled in New Buda, Decatur county, Iowa.

He had a military education in the old country and was appointed Adjutant of the Regiment on its formation. As an Office Adjutant he had no superior. Methodical beyond example in his Regimental papers, he kept a descriptive book of the Regiment, giving the service of every officer and man, which is historically accurate and which is surpassed by no Regimental record in the War Department. While Adjutant he was wounded in the thigh at Shiloh where he behaved with gallantry. He afterwards became the Major of the Regiment on the promotion of Colonel Hedrick and the Lieutenant-Colonel on the promotion of the same officer. While Major, he was Provost Marshal on the staff of Major General Blair, commanding the 17th Army Corps. He was mustered out with his Regiment in 1865, and was appointed Consul General at St. Petersburg and Cronstadt, which position he filled with honor and efficiency. Governor Curtin,of Pennsylvania, formerly United States Minister to Russia, bears cheerful witness to his great usefulness in that position. But political changes removed him from this place, and financial troubles coming upon him he died in great poverty at St. Petersburgh, on October 12, 1882. A stone was erected to his memory through the exertions and contributions of Governor Curtin, the officers of the 15th Iowa, and other friends, and the Regiment now makes a yearly contribution towards the care of his grave. His records of this Regiment form his best memorial. And as long as any man of the 15th Iowa lives, the Adjutant will be remembered, and the words will be recalled which he spoke, when expecting death when thrown from his mare, whom the surrounding soldiers denounced, he defended his favorite animal and said: "If I dies, I forgives Mary."

William W. Belknap was first Major, John M. Hedrick the third, and George Pomutz the fourth. Their history is given above.

SOURCE: William W. Belknap, History of the Fifteenth Regiment, Iowa Veteran Volunteer Infantry, p. 38

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