Friday, January 21, 2011

The New Monitors Building

The three iron gunboats of the monitor model, which were ordered by the Government immediately after the engagement of the Monitor with the Merrimac have been commenced by Mr. Rowland at the Continental Works, Greenpoint.  They are to be built very much like the Monitor, except that they are each to have two revolving shot-proof turrets instead of one.  The model is also slightly altered, so as to make them better sea-boats, and give them greater speed.  Like the Monitor, they are to be propellers, the deck being but little above the water line.  Their length is to be 302 feet over all with a breadth of beam of 41 feet, and a depth of hold of 12 feet.  The armor is to be six inches in thickness.  There are at present but two of them commenced, but the blocks have been laid for the reception of the keel of the third.  The work is well along on the first one, however, which is inside of the ship house.  The frame, which is entirely of iron plates has already commenced.  The Iron ribs and plates are forged in a separate workshop, but small forges are set up all along each side for heating the bolts.  As large a crew of men as can work with convenience are busily engaged in riveting the plates.  It will be at least four months before the first boat is launched. –{New York Tribune.

– Published in The Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa, Saturday, May 24, 1862, p. 2

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