Saturday, December 24, 2011

Special to the Chicago Tribune

CAIRO, April 8.

Dispatches from New Madrid are received.  The gunboats Carondelet and Pittsburg shelled and silenced the batteries on the opposite shore, when Pope ordered the troops across; it was effected without loss.  The rebels fled toward Tipton, sinking several of their transports, among others the Grampus.

The floating battery of the rebels, mounting ten guns, drifted down last night, and aground near Point Pleasant.  It will be recovered with its armament.  The Ohio Belle was also recovered.

Gen. Paine led the advance on the batteries.  Gen Pope at once took the Pittsburg and Carondelet, and with a part of his army hastened to Tipton, attacked the enemy this morning and took 2,000 prisoners, mostly from Arkansas and Louisiana.  He will probably get as many more before night.  The rebels fled to the swamps in great consternation.

The victory is complete and decisive.  Great quantities of stores, cannon and ammunition have fallen into our hands.  All the baggage and supplies are taken.

Gen. McCall, of the rebel Adjutant General’s department, is a prisoner.

The country between New Madrid and the Island, on the east side of the river is being scoured by our troops.  Many prisoners will doubtless be taken there.

Gen. Bissell, with transports is ordered down to Tipton by Gen. Pope, which is 12 miles below New Madrid, to bring cannon and other property up to New Madrid.

Divisions of our army are pursuing the fleeing rebels in all directions.  Their entire force at and about Island No. 10 is either taken prisoners or utterly routed and demoralized.

Hon. Emerson Etheridge has just arrived from Paducah – to him the news of our success is specially grateful.  His residence is 35 miles southeast of Hickman.  General Strong will send an escort with him to his home, to insure his safety.  Thousands of his former friends will great his arrival with a glorious welcome.

– Published in The Davenport Daily Gazette, Davenport, Iowa, Thursday Morning, April 10, 1862, p. 2

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