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Circular (No. 2)

From the Iowa Army Sanitary Commission to the several Soldiers Aid Societies throughout the State.

Our common objects in the relief and comfort of our sick and wounded Soldiers.  To our success in this there is obviously nothing of greater importance than concerted united action.  We have sought:

1.  To procure the organization of Soldiers’ Aid Societies auxiliary to the State Sanitary Commission, and the co-operation of those already organized throughout the State to the end that ample supplies of all things necessary for the relief and comfort of our sick and wounded may be furnished.

2.  To procure and be constantly furnished with the latest and most reliable information as to the locality and condition of our several Iowa Regiments.

3.  To furnish all the Aid Societies in the State with such information in our possession, as may be necessary from time to time, and to convey with safety and dispatch their contributions to those for whom they are intended, or if left to our discretion, to those most in need.

Our efficiency has been hitherto somewhat impaired by the fact that our offices have been in different localities, the President at Keokuk, the Secretary at Lyons, and the Corresponding Secretary at Agent, and the Treasurer at Davenport.  To obviate this difficulty we have just completed an arrangement for having one central Office at Davenport, where all our books and papers will be kept, and through which all the business of the Commission will be transacted.

Our relations with the U. S. Sanitary Commission, now in process of more perfect adjustment, and with the ‘Western Sanitary Commission’ at St. Louis, gives us numerous and great advantages for which our grateful acknowledgements are tendered.

We desire to combine the energies of all the Soldiers Aid Societies in the State, and to preserve a full and faithful record of all that is done by each, and to prevent any contributions from being lost.  We therefore earnestly solicit each and every Society to send us immediately 1. The name of the Society, date of organization and a list of the officers thereof.  2. A list of articles heretofore furnished their probable value, to whom directed, when and how forwarded, and whether received.  3. Here after direct all Boxes and Packages to “Iowa Army Sanitation Commission,”

Care of
Keokuk, or
Soldiers Aid Society,
Council Bluffs,

as may be most convenient.  In all cases send list of contents to our Office at Davenport and freight Bill by mail to the agent to whose care the goods may be consigned.  If designed for any particular Regiment mark on the Box “For _____ Reg’t Iowa Vol’s.”

Cash will be sent by mail to H. Price, Esq., Treasure, Davenport, Iowa.

All communications will hereafter be directed to Iowa Army Sanitary Commission, Davenport, Iowa.

Compliance with the above directions will secure the prompt acknowledgement of all goods received, and any information we may at any time have to communicate.

A J KYNETT, Cor. Sec’y & Gen’l Agt.
Iowa Army Sanitary Commission

Davenport Iowa, Feb. 13, 1862.

– Published in The Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa, Saturday, March 1, 1862, p. 1

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