Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fort Donelson: Historical Marker

C. S. A.

The Confederate defenses consisted of this fort, two water batteries, and the line of rifle pits enclosing these and the town of Dover.  The garrison of the fort proper consisted of the

30th Tennessee, Colonel John W. Head
49th Tennessee, Colonel James E. Bailey
50th Tennessee, Colonel Cyrus A. Sugg

This force was organized by General Pillow upon his arrival on February 9, 1862, as a brigade under Colonel Head.

On February 12, Colonel Head’s regiment was ordered to a position in the outer defenses and the immediate command of the fort passed to Colonel Bailey.  The artillery armament of this fort consisted of one 8-inch Howitzer and two 9-pounder guns under Lieutenant P. K. Stankiewicz.

The Main line of resistance consisted of the line of trenches which extend from Hickman Creek over a distance of approximately two miles along the crest of the hills and envelop the town of Dover.  At some points in front of the intrenchments felled trees formed an abatis and presented a difficult obstacle in the path of the attacker.

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